Common problems and solutions in the production of floating

Oceniajcie rozwiązania komunikacyjne w naszym mieście. Piszcie jak wam się jeździ po naszych drogach? Jakie są waszym zdaniem najważniejsze problemy do rozwiązania w komunikacji autobusowej?

Common problems and solutions in the production of floating

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Common problems and solutions in the production of floating fish feed pellet

With the benign development needs of low pollution, low waste, high efficiency and high conversion of the global fishery feed, the extruded floating fish food feed pellet is gradually becoming a new type of aquatic feed that is gradually accepted and promoted by the majority of farmers. In recent years, the output of aquafeed has grown rapidly, especially the demand for shrimp and some precious special aquafeeds has increased sharply.

At present, the processing technology and production characteristics of each feed production equipment manufacturer are different, and even the product quality of the same variety produced by the same manufacturer in different batches may fluctuate greatly.

Solutions for defects in extruded fish pellet feed
1. The size and length of the feed pellets are uneven
2. Too many pores in the feed pellet
3. Feed pellets deformation
4. The hardness of the feed pellet is not enough
5. Poor water resistance and poor viscoelasticity in feed pellets
6. The feed pellet incision is irregular and oblique
7. Low feed pellet expansion
8. The feed pellets do not float
9. Feed pellets have different sizes at both ends
10. The feed pellets form a double-cut inner concave shape
11. Feed pellets with tails
12. Peeling on the feed pellet surface

Get solutions of the above questions

The fish feed pelleting machine is feed processing equipment that uses corn, soybeans, and other grains as raw materials to produce floating fish feed pellets. The fish feed processed by our floating fish feed pelleting machine has the advantages of high hardness, smooth surface, complete internal ripening, good palatability, etc. It can effectively improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the feed pellet. Users can also choose different discharge apertures according to the needs of their own fish groups to obtain the best economic benefits.

Over the years, our products have been exported all over the world and have been well received by our customers, especially those in Africa and Asia. After continuous communication with our customers, our R&D team has developed a new generation of fish food pelleting machines. This series of fish food pelleting equipment adopts a new structural design, which has the advantages of refined structure, wide adaptability, and low noise, which can meet the needs of different customers.
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