Transfer of the Thesis Defense

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Transfer of the Thesis Defense

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Transfer of the Thesis Defense


There are situations when a student simply needs to postpone the defense of a graduation project to an earlier or later date, but he does not know how to do it. If you think that the transfer of WRC protection is impossible, you are deeply mistaken. With write my essay the impossible is possible! About how to organize and do it correctly, in our article!


Option number 1. What to do if you do not have time to finish the WRC on time?


There are situations when students, under the influence of a number of factors, physically and mentally do not have time to prepare a project on time. In this case, you can apply to the dean's office with a request to transfer the defense of the WRC "for family reasons." In this case, it is important to be prepared that you will be asked questions: what circumstances are driving you, why is it necessary to retake or postpone the date, etc.


Option number 2. What to do if the protection is not released from work?


If a student combines work and study, then he may have problems with the defense of the WRC. The employer may not let him go to this event, citing a shortage of personnel. At the same time, the hire an essay writer administration of the university may not accept a certificate from the place of work as a “good reason” for transferring the defense of the project. In this case, experienced experts recommend that you think over the scenario in advance: agree in advance with colleagues on a replacement at work, arrange a vacation for the period of CES and the defense of the WRC, arrange (if possible) a sick leave, etc.


Option number 3. What to do if the defense received "unsatisfactory"?


Even if the student "failed" the defense and received "failed", do not despair. It's not over yet. Not a single university is in a hurry to expel graduates, as this spoils the statistics. A special commission will evaluate the proportion of shortcomings and the student's opportunities. If there are few comments and they can be eliminated in a short time, then a chance to “re-defend” will be provided. But it is better not to take risks and initially carry out the graduation project competently and correctly.


Thus, if necessary, each student has the right to postpone the date of the defense of the do essay WRC. To do this, you must have a good and valid reason, which can be documented. It is enough to contact the supervisor and the dean's office. Having completed all the necessary documents, the only thing left for the graduate to do is to fully prepare for the “final milestone” and adequately present his project, as a result of which he will receive a worthy result!


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Re: Transfer of the Thesis Defense

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