Going Indie Can Turn Your Book into a Bestseller

Jak oceniacie żorskich polityków i samorządowców? Kogo widzicie we władzach miasta? Pytajcie prezydenta o sprawy w mieście! Piszcie, jakie macie uwagi do funkcjonowania instytucji w naszym mieście.

Going Indie Can Turn Your Book into a Bestseller

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In August 2015, Amazon confirmed that Rachel is the best-selling independent Ghostwriting service writer in the UK in the past five years. In the same five years, she also ranked 14th in the list of traditional and independently published best-selling authors. Here are her techniques for promoting the title: One question I always get from writers is "How can I keep my attention on my book?" As you know, writing the best novel in the world is It's possible, but unless people know it, how do you find it among the millions of books on the Kindle? The following tips can help you gain attention and build and maintain a high readership.

• Carry out promotional activities
• List the reviewers
• Create a mailing list
• Use social media tools
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