Scoring from a corner seems to be a difficult task to master

Scoring from a corner seems to be a difficult task to master

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A snafu with one of FIFA 23's Heroes Packs resulted in a rather expensive price after the tradeable FIFA Ultimate Team Hero item was put on the game's virtual transfer market at a drastically reduced price. Unrest ensued as players sought to sell their possessions as their value plummeted, trying to recuperate losses as the market was overflowing.

FUT Hero items are rare and therefore valuable. Each one is associated with the player who has made a significant contribution to their club or has become an avid fan due to a reason or another. Hero items are available for purchase. Hero item can fetch many millions FUT coins in a single transaction on the market for virtual transfer or is available by buying packs, though there is a slim chance of receiving one.

So when EA misjudgedly launched a package that included a transferable Hero item for the low price of 255,000 FUT coins The market was hit with FUT 23 Coins an influx of inexpensive Heroes that caused it to fall, and erase any value that was supposed to be attached to the rarer items. People who held on to rare Heroes began selling them as they watched prices plummet which put sparks into the fire. It's understandable, considering the rarity of Hero items can fetch hundreds of dollars for those who sell them through third-party platforms.

The error has been rectified but the packs are only available for a short period of time, but the damage has been caused. EA has yet to buy FIFA 23 Coins offer a comment about the situation. while the market has started to recover, the loss appears to be irreparable and it remains to be seen what EA can do to rectify the situation.
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