RuneScape - It's a fantastic city in fact

Ciekawostki i plotki z regionu. Tutaj możesz poszukać pomocy w najdziwniejszych sprawach

RuneScape - It's a fantastic city in fact

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In a Sal's Clan Section Topic about RuneScape gold the perfect clan, I was chosen to be a part of a number of user lists for the clan section. It was something I was proud in since I was a low level combatant (105ish) at the time.

And when I was complimented during a 3xtermination against Silverdawn and a clan members XshinobizX led (who later joined and ultimately became the leader of DF) for my good tanking. According to certain members, whenever XshinobizX called a pile on me, he'd get really angry and start screaming about the absence of bindings that were thrown at me and the length of time it it took to kill me. It's sad that I can no longer find this topic. It was the first war where I felt I had any influence. It was a loss however, which is fine. It was an extremely bizarre war. I remember it was an exercise in training or tank testing war for all clans. We did not fight in GDZ however, we fought within the Chaos Dwarves.

I also performed very well in a battle against UBH (I believe). However, I think I was the only person who was praised in that particular instance due to the fact that they weren't like other 3x members. Some of you may know that I have just completed Plague's End and have removed Prifddinas. The past couple of days were spent exploring the city and performing chores to the Elven clans.

It's a fantastic city in fact, I've always thought it's reputation was exaggerated but I can honestly comprehend why people love it. I have always loved gloomy places/cities like Edgeville and Draynor. It's rare for me to be a fan of a city that's so civilized and happy.

However, everyone knows that clan structures are the most important element of Prifddinas society as well as Elven society. There are 8 distinct clans each with their own distinct zones in the city. What clan(s) and why, do you guys prefer? When we're talking about clans, let's not forget about the clan's leaders. It is possible to buy 2007 runescape gold like a leader without any particular interest in their clan.
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Powrót do Ciekawostki i prośby o pomoc

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